Pack Art Bags professional paper bags

Technical requirements

Requirements for provided graphic materials
1. Finished designs (electronic version) are accepted on CD-ROM, CD-RW carriers or by e-mail, files up to 10 MB to the address: or to our FTP (upon request).
2. All colours used in the materials must be CMYK, HKS or Pantone,
3. Submit a proof colour test in conformity with the ISO Coated standard along with the Ugra/ FOGRA colour test strip for materials made in the CMYK system.
4. The graphic acceptance of the graphic design will be made in the electronic version. In the case of highly difficult CMYK materials, we perform the colour proof up to the A2 format and the imposition printing of a bag in 1:1 format.
We accept:
  • Adobe Illustrator (*.ai) for CS5 version
  • Mac Adobe Photoshop (*.psd) for CS5 version (bitmaps only)
  • Mac Adobe Indesign (*.indd) for CS5 version
  • PDF - Version 1.3 - PDF/X-1a:2001
Requirements for provided graphic materials