Pack Art Bags paper carrier bag Kraft Plus Prestige

Product description

Series bags with twisted paper cord sticked into upper top fold.
Promotional imprint up to 6 colours to 100% of bag`s surface from 1000 pcs for one size.


Promotional imprint Offset in-line printing
Offset imprint up to 100% of the bag area
Imprint colours in CMYK, HKS and Pantone system
Folds and reinforcements The top fold with a width 55 mm
The bottom of the bag reinforced by a cardboard 400 gsm - extra cost
Handles Twisted paper cord stick into top fold
Twisted paper cord  in cotton cord
Standard colours: white, black, navy blue, blue, red, natural (beige)
Non-standard colours up to 5000 pieces
Short handle: 2 x 45 cm
Surface finish Without lamination
Gloss lamination
Mat lamination
Silk mat lamination
Anti scratch lamination
Silver or Gold lamination
UV spot
Hot Print

(width x depth x height)

220x100x280↑ + 55↷
250x80x280↑ + 55↷
240x90x340↑ + 55↷
300x120x340↑ + 55↷
360x130x280↑ + 55↷
360x130x380↑ + 55↷
360x130x450↑ + 55↷
450x130x350↑ + 55↷
540x140x440↑ + 55↷

Available papers

Eko Kraft FSC 150 g/m2 FSC
White Kraft FSC 150 - 160 g/m2
White Kraft FSC 160g Ribed -  foto
White Kraft FSC 160g Leather - foto
White Kraft FSC 160g Linen - foto
Coated papers C2S  150g/m2 and 170 g/m2

Minimum order 1000 pcs